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Today’s high-performance electronics demand high-performance materials. Our specially engineered products are designed to make electronic devices quieter, safer and more reliable.

EndoChem is committed to providing high-performance solutions for all forms of vibration and noise control. We are founded by a team of material chemists & engineers who have over 50 years of combined NVH experience.

Fast Support

For critical support, our global network of specialists can help customers solve issues on site in person, anywhere in the world.

Design Support

We have over 50 years of combined knowledge in NVH applications and happy to assist with any design question and support related to our materials.

Material Customization

If our standard product offerings are not meeting your specific needs, we can custom formulate derivatives of existing products or new materials to meet your exact specifications.

Open Cell Impact 

Absorbing Foam

 High Damping Rubber

 Energy Absorbing TPE




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